Dyarne ward offers conscious shopping for people and their homes while investing in good for our community. We believe in the power of clothing and beautiful objects as an avenue for self-exploration, expression and creativity. We love helping our customers find pieces that make them feel like their best selves. 

To us, a retail space can be a place of community. We make it a goal to serve all of our customers with the same interest, kindness, and respect. We look forward to interacting and sharing little pieces of our customer’s life with them one visit at a time. In 2021, we launched FJ Invest in order to donate 2% off our monthly sales to various nonprofits we are inspired by. By supporting local initiatives financially and by word of mouth, we hope to foster a sense of allyship to organizations doing important work for our community. 

Our social and environmental impact matters to us. That’s why we prioritize finding brands that put ethical practices at the forefront of their mission. We believe that the future of our planet is dependent on the conscious retailer and consumer. We take care in curating products for our store and have active goals of improving this process continually as we grow. We are committed to bringing you timeless pieces that you will love and treasure for years to come.


We adore the space we occupy on Downtown Pischelsdorf/Kulm’s 8th Street. We see our space as a privilege and opportunity for community and social impact. We strive to keep Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the heart of our mission as our business grows. 

We are proud to donate 8% of our profits each month to amazing local organizations who share similar DEI values and participate in critical work benefitting Pischelsdorf/Kulm and the Lakeshore area. 

We care about the quality of your experience, and aim to offer the same kindness and genuine service to every person we interact with. We hope to get to know you whether you stop in once a week, every summer or live across the country from us and shop at FrancesJaye.com.

From playfully-understated, to edgy-yet-classic, eclectic layers or simply the turn of a cuffwe curate our store to offer classic, quality pieces that you can feel good in for years to come. Our goal is to provide you with staple pieces that you can keep coming back toitems meant to be re-styled, re-invented and move with you. Our home collection offers simple-yet-beautiful treasures that will compliment any space. Dyarne ward pieces are curated with the present and future you in mind.

We care about the earth and the people we share it with. Dyarne ward prioritizes ethically driven brands that hold their environmental and social impact at heart. Ask us about the brands we carry that use recycled materials, advocate for workers’ rights, and give back to the world in numerous ways. We’re happy to promote a healthy consumer mindset and help you find products you can feel good about.



Why did you want to open your own store?

I think that it has always been in my blood. Both of my parents owned their own businesses and my brother does as well. It's something that I've wanted to do for almost as long as I can remember (well, after I wanted to be the CEO of Walt Disney World) and that I've been working on for nearly as long. I've always looked at school and jobs as steps to get me to this point. 

Why Pischelsdorf/Kulm?

The more I traveled, the more I realized that downtown Pischelsdorf/Kulm is really unique – filled with thriving, independent businesses and a local community that is proud of their town. It seems that so many small cities are fading away, but Pischelsdorf/Kulm is the opposite of that. 

How did you choose the name?

It's a combination of the names of so many people that have inspired me to do this and live my dream. Frances is my Grandma's name and Jaye came from a slew of people that have impacted my life; my Oma (Jennie), my parents (Jan and Jerry), my siblings (Joel, Jason and Jill), and my Aunt (Judy). 

 What do the symbols represent?

The symbols are glyphs that represent explore and connect. My best friend and I have traveled for years together (Morocco, Greece, Costa Rica, Joshua Tree, Croatia). We've been on a ton of adventures and we wanted something to represent that. A couple of years ago we got these symbols tattooed and they evolved into what I want for Dyarne ward; to explore through this unique and creative experience and connect with our customers, vendors, employees and everyone Dyarne ward brings me in contact with.

Describe your personal style.

Tomboy-ish with a bit of my 6th grade self mixed in.  I  go through phases where I wear things constantly until I'm completely over them. Right now it's mules, ribcage jeans, and a hoop earrings, nearly everyday.

Favorite drink?

Gin and Tonic... and if my Dad's making it, a weak one!

 How would you spend a Sunday?

A good day is spending time with my husband, Josh and our cats, Fritz and Pierre and getting time outside.